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Does my rental car take petrol or diesel?

car hire fuel conditions

Does my rental car take petrol or diesel? We are car enthusiasts here at our company, so none of us will sweat being able to tell the difference between a diesel and petrol car. We do appreciate, however, that not all our customers have this ability. Accordingly we have compiled some hints and tips that […]

Driving Off Road – The Biggest Risk

off road driving insurance voided

Driving Off Road Could Void Your Car Hire Insurance If you’ve hired a SUV or a 4×4, the temptation to take an off-road shortcut can be high. Doing so however could be a very bad idea for a number of reasons. Car hire companies generally have a clause stating driving off-road will void your car […]

Most Common Car Rental Lost and Found Items

car rental company sydney nsw

Most Common Car Rental Lost and Found Items If you have ever left anything behind in your rental car while hurrying to catch a flight – don’t worry, you are not alone, and we will always do our very best to restore whatever you’ve left behind. Ideally, you should try to get in touch with […]

Road Trip Car Hire

Road Trips

Road Trip Car Hire An Excellent Way To Spend Quality Time With Family Are you planning a road trip holiday for with the family? In this blog post we want to outline some of the cool places in and around Sydney you might want to plan visiting. But before we do so….If you are worried […]

Hire Car Accident

what to do when you crash a hire car

8 steps you should follow if you have an accident in your hire car The first thing is to make sure that no one has been hurt, and, if anyone has been, to dial 000 right away. If you think the scene of the accident may still be dangerous, move to a safe location before […]

Adventure and Sport

Adventure and Sport

Adventure and Sport Thrilling & Adventurous Things To Do & Places To Visit Sports tourism entails adventure sports, activities and games, that allow you to enjoy life to its fullest. In an around Sydney there are some great adventure sports and activities to enjoy, and the team at A2B Car Rentals have taken the time […]

Are you using the wrong credit card for your rental car?

rental car credit card

Are you using the wrong credit card for your rental car? With respect to paying for a rental car, not all credit cards are created equal. Certain credit cards can not only save you some money, but they can also rack up a ton of other benefits for you. The following article should help to […]

Hire Car Savings

Sydney Hire Car Discount

4 easy ways to save on your hire car If you aren’t familiar with the car rental process already, it is likely that you are missing out on ways you can either save money or upgrade your rental for free. Here are four tips that can help you start renting cars like a pro! Just […]

Hire Car Petrol PrePay

rental car petrol costs

Five reasons not to prepay for petrol in your rental car It is more than likely that when you arrive at the car hire company they will try to sell you a prepaid petrol package that charges you at a cheaper than average rate for a tank of petrol. It may sound like a good […]

Family Holiday Activities

Family Holidays Activities

Family Holiday Activities Enjoying Quality Family Time Family time is important and on occasions you can use that time to explore the far corners of the world together. In this blog post, the team at A2B Car Rentals have put their heads together to provide a short list of some family activities you can enjoy […]