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Are you using the wrong credit card for your rental car?

With respect to paying for a rental car, not all credit cards are created equal. Certain credit cards can not only save you some money, but they can also rack up a ton of other benefits for you.

The following article should help to give you a better idea if you are using the right kind of credit card for your car rental.

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Some signs that your current credit card may not be the best choice

It doesn’t include insurance for car rentals. With most credit cards this is standard, however it is always best to check because some cards will not include this.

Having this included in your credit card can save you a significant amount of money since you won’t have to opt in for the extra coverage with the rental agency.

Keep in mind that Citibank in particular has recently dropped many of its travel rewards including rental insurance, on nearly all of its credit cards.

This means that, generally speaking, Citi cards are not an ideal choice for paying for a rental car.

Another thing to be aware of is that most credit cards only offer secondary car rental insurance.

This means that it will only apply once the coverage of your own personal auto insurance has been used up. In this case you may want to opt for the extra insurance of the car rental agency after all in order to avoid getting your own car insurance company involved.

Some credit cards – usually premium or gold cards – however, will actually include primary coverage, so cards like these will be even more ideal for paying for your rental car. This way if you do get into an accident with your rental car you likely won’t need to get your own insurance company involved to begin with.

Another sign you are using the wrong card is if it does not offer any travel rewards.

Simply by using a different credit card, you could be banking points or credit towards future car rentals, hotels, airfare, cruises, and so on.

These rewards tend to pile up surprisingly quickly, especially for regular travelers, so it can really pay off to use a card that includes benefits like these.

Another important thing to look for in a credit card used for traveling is travel protection.

If you are using the right credit card, you won’t be left high and dry if you find yourself in a jam along the road.

Some cards include a number of great travel protections like roadside assistance, emergency towing, medical or legal assistance, and even 24-hour emergency travel assistance.

And if you are using the card for flying, some cards will also include insurance for lost or damaged luggage. With some cards you can even get Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance.

If your current card doesn’t include all or even any of these great benefits, then you may want to consider switching cards for your next vacation.

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