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Family Holidays Activities

Family Holiday Activities

Enjoying Quality Family Time

Family time is important and on occasions you can use that time to explore the far corners of the world together.

In this blog post, the team at A2B Car Rentals have put their heads together to provide a short list of some family activities you can enjoy in and around Sydney

Picnics or Campouts

Picnics or Campouts

During the summer months, nothing can beat a picnic in the park or nearby reserve.

From beachside BBQ’s to parks with Sydney Harbour views, you can enjoy a plethora of options with your family and friends in and around Sydney.

A few location ideas include:-

  • McKell Park
  • Centennial Park
  • Blackburn Gardens

Visit a Museum

Visit a Museum

Sydney has a number of museums as well as cultural venues which are world class.

Museums are not just places for school excursions, but a great family activity where you will discover and learn the stories, heritage and history that made the world what it is today.

Find Some Water


There are more than one hundred picturesque beaches in Sydney.

Some are unknown enclaves and yet others are highly populated. You can participate in water sports or choose to relax lazily on the sand.

If the family is hungry, there are many restaurants that are usually a stones throw from the beaches.

Adventure and Sports


Speaking of water, you can enjoy canoeing, white water rafting, or kayaking with your family.

Thrill seekers have a wide range of activities that they can engage in. You can go on a jet boat ride or soar on flying foxes at various adventure parks.

Various adventures is a great way to build your children’s inner confidence. Furthermore they will have amazing stories to tell their friends when they go back to school.

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Family Road Trips

When going on a family road trip, you want to pack up the car, power up all the gadgets and set the GPS device or navigation app on your smartphone.

It is even ideal to have a paper map on hand as you do not want to be driving through an unfamiliar area with a weak signal — which is more than likely bound to happen when the kids are at their hungriest and/or crankiest — lol.

Ultimately your family road trip goal is simply getting from Point A to Point B with as little vehicle problem, complications or backseat moaning as possible.

With that in mind…. it might be worth hiring a bigger car or SUV.

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