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what to do when you crash a hire car

8 steps you should follow if you have an accident in your hire car

  1. The first thing is to make sure that no one has been hurt, and, if anyone has been, to dial 000 right away.
  2. If you think the scene of the accident may still be dangerous, move to a safe location before contacting the police.
  3. Exchange personal information with the other driver while waiting for the police. When the police do arrive and have reviewed the scene ask for a copy of the accident report along the the responding officer’s name and badge number.
  4. Take as many pictures as possible of the damage and of the scene of the crash.
  5. Call your rental company. They likely have an emergency number for you to report your accident. Ask the company where you should bring their car if it can be driven, or where to have it towed if it can’t be. It’s best to get the name and phone number of the representative you speak with, and to note the time of day of the call.
  6. Next call your insurance company. Then you will want to start filing a claim as soon as possible through your insurer or credit card company. Is is common for insurers to deny claims on account of being filed too late.
  7. It is still your responsibility to take care of the car during your rental period. So either drive the car or have it towed to the location that your company requests promptly.
  8. Finally, you will have to file a report with your rental company which includes all the details surrounding the accident, those involved, and your insurance information.

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