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Does my rental car take petrol or diesel?

car hire fuel conditions

Does my rental car take petrol or diesel? We are car enthusiasts here at our company, so none of us will sweat being able to tell the difference between a diesel and petrol car. We do appreciate, however, that not all our customers have this ability. Accordingly we have compiled some hints and tips that […]

Most Common Car Rental Lost and Found Items

car rental company sydney nsw

Most Common Car Rental Lost and Found Items If you have ever left anything behind in your rental car while hurrying to catch a flight – don’t worry, you are not alone, and we will always do our very best to restore whatever you’ve left behind. Ideally, you should try to get in touch with […]

8 Seat Car Hire

best 8 seat car hire sydney

Where Can I Get A 8 Seater Car Hire? When a SUV or sedan is still not big enough, the next best thing to hire is an 8-seater van. If you’re travelling with a group the big advantage of minivans is that it’s easier for people to get on and off the vehicle. Furthermore, travelling […]

Should I pay for Extra Car Hire Insurance?

car hire accident insurance fees

Should I Pay For The Extra Car Hire Insurance? Should I pay for extra car hire insurance is a question many vehicle hire customers ask. We always suggest taking out the Full Protection cover when booking your vehicle. Usually a car hire customer will be given a quote and then when ready to book there […]

Can I Book A Car Rental For Someone Else?

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Can I book a rental car for someone else? There might circumstances when you need to book and pay for a hire car for someone else, so all the person has to do is turn up, sign the paperwork, grab the keys and drive away. Although this sounds simple enough, sometimes it is not as […]

Minibus Hire

Minibus Hire

Minibus Hire The Importance Of Having A Reliable Vehicle When Accommodating A Large Group Of People When hiring a minibus or minivan, you have to be sure that the vehicle you hire is in good condition and will be reliable. Having a large group of people stranded with a broken down hired minivan would be […]

Food And Wine

Food and Wine

Food And Wine Experience The Great Food & Wine Being Offered In Sydney Are you set for a well deserved holiday and thinking about visiting Sydney? Most likely, you have already secured your accommodation. In this blog post we want to outline some places you might like to visit during your stay in Sydney. Sydney […]

Full Size vs Premium Rental Cars

Full Size vs Premium Rental Cars When you find yourself in need of a rental car, you might initially be overwhelmed by the staggering number of options you have to choose from, as the precise make and model you choose can have a major impact on your journey with it. Among the more popular options […]

How To Rent A Car In Sydney

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How To Rent A Car In Sydney Plain & Simple Steps In Renting A Car In Sydney A2B Car Rentals firmly believes that renting a car should be as easy a process as buying a cup of coffee (except for a bit more paperwork). There is no reason for the process to be a dreaded […]

Car Hire Excess Rates Australia

car hire excess charges in australia

Car Hire Excess Rates In Australia Compared to using public transportation, renting a car represents a convenient and easy solution for getting around town on your vacation. You will be free to set out for and from your destination at any time without having to rely on pre-set times and places. Renting a car can […]