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Where Can I Get A 8 Seater Car Hire?

When a SUV or sedan is still not big enough, the next best thing to hire is an 8-seater van.

If you’re travelling with a group the big advantage of minivans is that it’s easier for people to get on and off the vehicle.

Furthermore, travelling in a larger group generally means more luggage and various items. Minivans have just the right amount of space for everyone and their belongings. When you hire a minivan you are able to fit up to 12 people and they also come with features that are guaranteed to make your journey even more comfortable.

Some advantages of hiring a 8-12 seat car/minivan

  • Hiring a van for group travel also eliminates the need to have a specific person to coordinate multiple car rentals to ensure all people in the group are safe.
  • Travelling in a van as a group means that every person can enjoy the weekend out without the inconveniences of worrying about the where about or the safety of others as all members of the group are together at all times.

Our 8 seater vans are best suited for families, businesses, schools and sports teams going on a road trip. In addition to being affordable and convenient, our vans are modern ensuring low fuel consumption allowing you to spend more on fun activities and less on travel.

However, to avoid inconveniences at the last minute, it is important that you plan and book ahead.

We recommend our clients to book their van early.

A2B Car Rentals 8 passenger car rental service (or up to 12 people) is here to help you afford the best minivan / 8 seater car for your trip.

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