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Should I Pay For The Extra Car Hire Insurance?

Should I pay for extra car hire insurance is a question many vehicle hire customers ask.

We always suggest taking out the Full Protection cover when booking your vehicle.

Usually a car hire customer will be given a quote and then when ready to book there is the option to either select basic cover or Full Protection. Which is the right one to choose?

A way of looking at the differences between the two types of covers is by comparing the Basic Cover as a type of third party insurance and the Full Protection policy to fully comprehensive insurance.

Whilst many of people are happy to pay the cost of fully comprehensive insurance for their day-to-day vehicles, there is quite regularly a second thought and hesitation about whether to opt for the policy equivalent with the rental car.

At A2B Car Rentals the cost of full protection cover offers great value for money even though the average car Insurance Premium is at an all time high.

A2B Car Rentals car hire insurance premiums are staying at a low and very affordable cost. Which will leave you fully protected against all driving mishaps and give you peace of mind to enjoy driving your rental car.

The price per day of Full Protection Insurance reduces the longer you hire the car

So if you are going on holiday for a two-week period, it is definitely worth having the cover for the full 14 days.

Full protection cover is quick and easy to add to your booking.

Once you have selected your vehicle we will offer you the chance of adding Full Protection to your booking. Simply follow the prompts during the booking process:

To receive our full protection and the ultimate peace of mind whilst driving your hire car in and around Sydney

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