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car hire excess charges in australia

Car Hire Excess Rates In Australia

Compared to using public transportation, renting a car represents a convenient and easy solution for getting around town on your vacation. You will be free to set out for and from your destination at any time without having to rely on pre-set times and places.

Renting a car can also be very affordable, especially if you are travelling in a group.

One thing you need to consider, though, if you do opt to rent a car for your vacation, is the unlikely event that you get into an accident or that the car is otherwise damaged.

And although rental cars for the most part will come fully insured, you will still be responsible for paying an initial amount in the event of any damage being done to the rental car while it’s in your possession.

This initial amount can vary but it is generally fairly steep, as much as several thousand dollars in some cases. However you can avoid this risk by paying for excess insurance when you hire your car.

Here is an outline of this car hire excess and why it’s generally recommended to add it:

What is Car Hire Excess?

No matter how safe a driver you are, anything can happen while driving. No one can control bad weather or the negligence of other drivers, so no on is ever completely safe from the possibility of a crash.

Moreover even if the car is damaged for some other reason, even if you yourself were no responsible, you will still most likely be responsible for paying an excess.

Enter car hire excess insurance, which will lower this excess from thousands down to only hundreds of dollars.

So here are the options you have to choose from:

1) Don’t pay for the excess insurance: no one is obligated to pay this car hire excess insurance, and it will never be added automatically without consulting you first.

But do remember that not paying for this represents a large risk since you could end up paying several thousand dollars in the event of a crash.

2) Buy the insurance from your car rental company: at A2B Car Rentals, we make it very simple to add on this excess insurance to your car rental. For a typical sedans, for example, you only need to pay a small amount each day to lower your damage liability.

The daily cost will vary depending on the type of vehicle you rent. If you would like more specific details about a particular type or model, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

3) Ask your credit card company: some companies will cover the excess for you, but you will need to consult your contract or contact the company to determine exactly what is or is not covered.

In this case you will most likely have to cover the cost yourself initially, but then your credit card company will eventually reimburse you for it.

Finally, keep in mind that under certain conditions, such as breaching your rental agreement in some way, will void your car hire excess insurance.

Some of the common violations of the rental agreement include: reckless driving; using the wrong kind of fuel; driving on an unsealed road; violating traffic laws; driving under the influence; having an unauthorised driver behind the wheel.

If you have any other questions, we are here to help.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for advice or to arrange to hire a car for your next trip.ection]

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