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I am not sure about you but I, like most others want to know exactly what I am paying for when I buy anything … and personally I abhor secret add-ons.

Well welcome to the ute rental industry, the vehicle hire and rental industry sometimes has a maze of secret add-on charges as well as  smoke and mirror conditions written into the fine print

When looking to hire a ute it is most important to try and compare apples with apples.

Hiring A Ute:- Watch Out For The Advertising Spiels

Advertising headlines such as “rental vehicles available from $XX.XX (some ridiculously low price)” are often there to entice the hirer.

Usually those hirers find when they arrive to collect the ute that they are met with:

  • Additional Insurance Fees
  • Credit Card fees
  • Admin Fees
  • and one of the best ones … “Additional Driver Fees”
    I’m sure there are other fees that are added along the line as well

When challenged, ute hire companies that charge these add-ons will often reply with “well you have a choice“.

Sure the choice is possible, but when you have pre-planned your day (and sometimes you have other people also planned to help), and your standing at the ute hire counter ready to go, your choices become somewhat limited. Let’s be honest, the time to be negotiating at this late stage is not in your favour.

So generally what happens is you pay the ute hire costs, complain to family and friends and generally feel ripped off or at least taken advantage of.

What the ute rental industry doesn’t take into account is that for every poor customer experience, it’s another person who might use a 3rd party moving company or service. Poor customer ute hiring experiences affect the ute rental industry as a whole and not just that specific rental company.

The Premier Sydney Ute Hire Company

You won’t find hidden charges or secret fine print when making an enquiry with the team at A2B Car Rentals.

As a matter of fact, their 1 ton ute hire rates are always quoted and are generally not advertised.

Now this is not so the other Sydney ute hire companies don’t get the low down on what they are doing.

It’s because each individual customer has a differing need so preparation of their utes, vans and other commercial vehicle hire, along with the accessory equipment that is needed and included, varies dependent on where the customer intends to travel and/or what the vehicle will be used for.

When hiring a ute from A2B Car Rental rest assured that the excess quoted is your absolute maximum liability … try asking other ute hire companies in Sydney a couple of these questions:

  • Can I drive at night? If I do, am I covered if I hit an animal if driving inland? … it’s an absolute yes from us, your excess is your maximum liability.
  • If I forget to use the handbrake and roll down a hill and damage another vehicle or property am I covered? … it’s definitely a yes from us, your excess is your maximum liability.
  • Am I covered If I damage the roof after driving under a tree? … again, it’s an unconditional yes from us, your excess is your maximum liability.

But wait there’s more … rumour has is that some car rental companies won’t cover you if the vehicle is moving?

Call us, email us, Facebook us …and ask as many questions as you need.

A2B Car Rentals is about providing reliable car hire and quality customer service at an affordable price.

Our company is bolstered by local expertise and low overheads which allows us to offer competitive ute rental rates.

Contact us now 02 9689 3889!

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