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5 Ways To Get The Best Car Hire Deal

1. Book Online Beforehand

Book the car you are interested in online well before you start your journey.

Generally the car hire rates of ‘walk-ins’ at the airport and in downtown city areas are usually more expensive. By booking the car online beforehand, you will get a great hire car rate & save money.

You will also enjoy the benefit of seeing a range of car options, and pricing at your own convenience without the rush of having to make a decision.

2. Make Prior Arrangements for Your Car Hire Excess Insurance

When hiring your car, car hire excess insurance premiums should be carefully considered and usually you have a few options .

The excess insurance premium is designed to reduce the excessive expense of the costs of repairs in the event that you are involved in an accident.

When booking in advance (and online) – you have the time to carefully read through the various fine print to see what you are, and what you are not covered for in result of an accident. As suggested there are usually multiple options, you can choose which is the best for you without rushing to make the wrong decision.

3. Carry Your Own Infant Or Child Car Seat

With a bit of preplanning you can avoid child car seat fees that are levied at the car rental desks.

4. Use Your Own GPS Navigation

Renting a GPS satellite navigation device from a car hire company is another expense you can save on, if you carry your own or use your phone maps functionality.

If you plan to use your own (phone or GPS device) double check if yours can be used at your destination (especially if you are heading overseas).

Alternatively, you may consider using an old-fashioned map. If you plan to use your smart phone, both the iPhone maps and the Google maps allow you to download the data you require to utilise the satellite navigation of your phone offline.

5. Note The Hire Company’s Fuel Policy

A return the car full of fuel policy means that you will have to purchase a full tank of petrol before returning the car. Failure to do so will see you pay an inflated fuel price if the car is returned less than full.

Sydney’s Premier Car Hire Company

A2B Car Rentals is an Australian owned car rental company. It is one of Australia’s fastest growing car rental company. 

A2B Car Rentals is about providing reliable car hire and quality customer service at an affordable price. They offer airport pick up and drop off from first flight to last flight.

Contact them today on 02 9689 3889!


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We Have The Right Rental Car & The Right Car Hire Deal For You!

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