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Van Hire – Looking For A Reliable And Fastest Growing Car Rental Company?

Many people think that van hire is a simple thing to do and that it does not require that much concentration. However, it is good to ensure that everything is properly taken care of during the process. Different companies will exercise different rules and regulation. It is therefore essential for the hirer to understand all the terms before making any booking. Some of these factors include:

1. Exclusive Planning

Even before having a look at the different prices of van hire, it is advisable to plan on the size of the van required. This will ensure that one does not end up overpaying for huge vans than what he or she wants. In the same way, one will not rent a vehicle that is smaller than the size he wants. This protects one from making extra trips. It is also good to consider the type of the load that one is aiming to transport. For heavier loads, vans with tailgate are essential as they help in loading and unloading.

2. Compare Like And Like

When considering the price, it is good to know what it includes in it and what is excluded. For example, different insurances vary with different vans. It is therefore good to consider what is covered by the supplier. It is important not to assume that cheap prices cover all the elements one needs in the van. Consider comparing different elements, and go for the unlimited mileage deals if possible. Reading all the terms and conditions is necessary before submission of the booking. For security purpose in case the supplier quits the business, consider paying by credit cards.

3. Clear Checking Of The Documents

During the documentation, many errors are likely to occur. As a result, it is good to have a careful check on all documents when one is picking the rental van. This will help him or her to identify any extra services that are being sold out. The hirer should only agree to things that he or she needs.

4. What Is Needed

One should consider all the requirements needed for the van hire process. Carrying around the driving licence, including personal photo and paper licence is mandatory. Of important also is the credit card for payment of the excess deposit. Some other companies will ask for a current utility bill indicating a person’s home address.

5. Checking The Vehicle

Before taking the vehicle, it is advisable that one checks the presence of any damage on the car. These damages should be detailed in the agreement. It is also important to make sure that the mileage is correct and consider the fuel level. Above all, make sure you understand what to do in case the van breaks down or in case of an accident. Get the emergency number that can be used to call for help.

6. Driving Style

For those who are not familiar with driving a van, it is good to know the actual dimensions of the van hired. It may be wider or higher than what one is used to. This will help the hirer to have necessary precautions to avoid hitting low bridges or even scrapping sides when in narrow gaps. The parking of a van is also difficult than what we are used to. When parking, consider allowing space with other vehicles for loading and unloading.

7. Dropping Off

When returning the van, consider taking it back in the same conditions as it was picked. Consider making sure that it has the same level of fuel as the time of hiring. If the returning is done out of working hours, confirm where to leave the keys. It is good to avoid late dropping off the van late to prevent extra charges.

8. In conclusion

After all this, it is good for the hirer to check on his or her credit card statements to ensure that no extra charges have been made. If there are any disagreements, make the complaints with the rental company to make sure that the money is refunded. Considering all of the above points helps one not to end up in trouble or feeling unsatisfied during the van hire process.

Sydney’s Premier Car Hire Company

A2B Car Rentals is an Australian owned car rental company. It is Australia’s fastest growing car rental company. A2B Car Rentals is about providing reliable vehicles and quality customer service, at an affordable price.

Keegan Pillay is the Chief Executive Officer of A2B Car Rentals. Founded in 2005, A2B head office is located in Sydney, Australia. In such a short time, we have already been recognised and awarded by Tourist Australia as the “Best Value Car Rental Company” for our competitive rates and excellence of service in Australia for the year 2005.

A2B Car Rentals is about providing reliable car hire and quality customer service at an affordable price. We do airport pick up and drop off from first flight to last flight.

Our company is bolstered by local expertise and low overheads which allows us to offer competitive car rental rates. Booking your car rental in Sydney is fast, efficient and easy with A2B Car Rentals.

Visit our website for your car rental needs and choose from an array of fleet we have for you. Contact us now 02 9689 3889!

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