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Must Have Car Hire Features For Any Road Trip

If you plan to take road trip anytime soon, you may be thinking about getting a rental car for your trip if none of your friends has wheels.

No matter whether you are making your way across your own state or flying to an exotic destination before hitting the open road, it is essential to make sure you have the right kind of transportation for your trip to go smoothly.

If you want to make sure to get the perfect vehicle for your journey, take a look at these must have car hire features before you take your next road trip.

A Toll Pass

Tolls are not only annoying, they can also add up, especially on a longer trip, and even make a significant dent in your trip money.

You are more than likely to make use of various different highways during your journey, and a toll pass will simplify the process immensely when running into tolled roads, tunnels, or bridges.


Getting lost along the way cannot only put you behind schedule, it can spiral out of control and turn your adventure into a nightmare that you will eventually want to simply forget.

A GPS device will greatly reduce the risk of getting lost somewhere along the way.

And it will not only keep you from getting lost, if will also make sure you find the quickest way possible to get where you want to go so you can make the most of your time with your friends of family while on the road.


Once upon a time these were merely a luxury, today they have become standard.

Accordingly any reputable rental car agency should have airbags in any of its rental cars, but it is certainly worth making certain in any case just in case you are renting an older model.

You may not want to think about the possibility of an accident during your road trip, but they can happen so it is always better to be prepared.

A Reversing Camera

Bumping into another vehicle or obstacle while backing out of a parking spot is very commonplace, and the time and costs associated with settling things up with the rental agency or the owner of the other car can be a real drag and take away from your enjoyment of the trip.

A reversing camera, accordingly, is well worth having in order to be extra careful not to throw a wrench into your plans.

A Blind Spot Monitor

One of the best safety features for any car is a blind spot monitor.

This sensor will monitor the lanes to your sides and rear and detect any cars near to your car. The device then notifies you of the other cars with either a visual, audible, or vibrating alarm to help you be more aware of cars or other obstacles you might otherwise not have seen.

Air Conditioning

Having a car with air conditioning is generally a plus, particularly if your road trip is going to take place during the hotter months.

There’s nothing less fun or less liable to leave you with enjoyable memories than getting stuck in traffic in a hot, sticky car without any air to help you cool off. Especially if your road trip is going to take you across the likes of Texas or Florida, A/C is going to be a must have.


There is always at least one person who brings way too much luggage for the trip; a car without much space for luggage could lead to some arguments about who is going to have to ditch what. Accordingly a car with luggage space to spare can help you to avoid controversy and delays before you even set out on your journey.

A Seatbelt Reminder

If you have naughty kids who don’t like to wear their seatbelts, a smart seatbelt reminder will alert you if anyone is not wearing their seatbelts.

You might not want to play mommy with your buddies and nag them about their safety, but if you do want to make sure your friends are not going to end up getting more injured than necessary in the event of an accident, then this feature will help you as well.

Getting Ready to Go

Try to think about every aspect of the journey as you can before you select your rental car. If you have a pack of lanky chums in the back then you should think about getting a larger vehicle with extra leg room.

Likewise if you know your daughters are apt to want to bring way too much stuff on the trip then you need to think about getting something with enough storage space.

Finally, make sure you browse through all the different cars available and pay close attention to the features that are included with them so you can make your road trip as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

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