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The 5 main Benefits of Short-Term Car Hire

Short-term car hire has the potential to become a staple for businesses small and large alike, given how much it has to offer business owners, like acquiring the latest vehicle models while reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

A number of different situations make short-term car hire an ideal alternative for any business. For example you might need transportation for employees on secondment, or for a one-way trip.

A gap while waiting for your new company cars might even necessitate a rental arrangement.

No matter what the reason, you will not have a difficult time arranging a car hire program tailored to your particular situation.

The easiest solution to holiday downtime, for example, is simply not renting vehicles at times when they are not needed!

We have not only experience in the industry, but expert knowledge along with a nationwide fleet capacity that can accommodate whatever your transportation needs are for 2019.

The following are the five major benefits of short-term car hire


If you are looking for the most flexible method of meeting your transportation requirements, short-term car hire may be precisely what you need.

And if you require a vehicle for a longer period of time, we also provide a number of different deals on very flexible terms. In most cases you can exchange or return vehicles without any penalty.


Opting for short-term car rental gives you access to a very wide range of vehicles rather than being stuck with a fixed and aging fleet. The range of selection will more than likely be even broader than if you were buying a new fleet outright.

We are proud to offer a broaderange of vehicles. So no matter what kind of car you need or prefer we’ve got you taken care of.

Newer vehicles

Especially if you are just starting up, your business probably cannot afford to buy a fleet of brand new cars outright. Opting to rent, on the other hand, makes it possible to choose from a constantly updated selection of new cars.

Eliminating maintenance costs

Owning vehicles outright involves a ton of time and money for maintaining and registering vehicles and the like.

But maintenance, repairs, or period inspections of your vehicles will not cost you a penny or a thought in the case of short-term hire since these all become the responsibility of the rental company.

Breakdown assistance and recovery

We know from years of experience that reliable transportation service is of the utmost importance to our customers, and accordingly we are committed to keeping you on the road 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To give our customers peace of mind, we offer nation-wide service for breakdowns and recovery any day, any time, no matter what.

Don’t hesitate to set up an account with us today even if you require vehicles at short notice.

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