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The main benefits of daily car hire for your business

Renting vehicles daily can grant you an ideal solution for the hard to predict exigencies of a business.

In the past business vehicles were chosen more for their appearance and comfort, but today’s businesses are focused much more on usefulness and efficiency, as well as being both cost and environment friendly.

Put to use in the right way, daily car hire can provide amazing flexibility, reliability along with the financial benefits.

The financial benefits

Arranging for daily car rental lets you fit the size of your fleet to your specific transportation needs at the given time, giving you enough flexibility to fit your fleet to your actual current needs rather than your earlier predictions of them.

In short, if you don’t need it, you don’t pay for it. A recent report called “Understand how daily car rentals can benefit your business” recently suggested that short-term rental as an alternative to having a grey fleet becomes more cost effective after a one’s daily travel threshold rises to 50 to 100 kilometres.

Daily car hire lets you delay decisions about large capital purchases, and can also accommodate things like one-off long distance trips, car-pooling, one-way transport, or seasonal contracts, all of which become trickier when owning a fixed fleet.

Moreover most rental cars are less than a year old, meaning they will remain ever-new in contrast to owned vehicles which become older and less reliable each day.

The environmental benefits

Car exhaust apparently accounted for roughly 25% of CO2 emissions in 2012, and given that businesses are beginning to meet with pressure to cut down on their environmental impact, daily car rental can give you a huge advantage in this department.

A recent report maintains that the average CO2 emissions of rental cars in 2010 were actually 12% lower than typical car fleets, and it is more likely that this gap has grown rather than shrunk since that time.

Again as most rental cars are less than a year old, many include emission saving technologies not included on older models, for example electric or hybrid engines.

In addition daily car rental also gets a higher amount of utilisation than your own vehicle will because of the way they are hired out for specific schedules.

Because of this there are fewer vehicles on the road in total which cuts down on emissions, not to mention traffic congestion.

The practical benefits

If you work with a grey fleet, you need to make quite extensive checks such as making sure drivers are insured and that their vehicles have been safety inspected. A daily car hire relieves you of this burden, placing it on the rental company instead.

And while renting vehicles does still involve administration on your part, for example for damage waivers, insurance, and GST, and while it is still your responsibility to make sure your drivers are licensed, this administration work should still remain much simpler and less time-consuming than what you would need to do for your grey fleet.

The possible benefits

For just one example, the University of Cumbria has multiple campuses located throughout the UK, and staff members attend placement positions across the country.

The university decided to ditch their car pool program and replace it with a daily rental program: as a result throughout 2011-2012 they saved £240,000 and reduced their carbon emissions by 27%, all while in effect updating their vehicles to newer models.

If you think your business can enjoy similar benefits, we are willing to help you figure out the first steps to take in the process of setting up a car hire program. You can also try our rental calculator to find an approximate quote for whatever types of vehicles you need.

Car Rental offers an affordable and flexible transportation alternative, often at all-inclusive prices – no hidden costs rain on your parade.

Whether you need to rent a vehicle for a day or a month, we can give you with top-shelf service as well as useful advice along each step of the process.

Give us a call today to speak with our qualified, professional, and friendly staff.

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