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Do I need to wash my rental car before returning it?

The team at A2B are often asked if you need to wash your hired car before returning it.

Whilst there is no hard and fast rule, it’s reasonable to suggest that under normal everyday use you are not expected to wash your hire car (or have it washed) before it is returned to the depot.

Your Rental Car Will Be Spotlessly Clean When You Pick It Up

Whilst your hire car will be meticulously cleaned before you collect it, you needn’t return it as clean as it was at pick up.

With that said, you are expected to return the vehicle in a reasonable state considering the circumstances of duration and weather at the time of rental.

When you return the car it will be cleaned in preparation for the following customer, however if it is deemed the car is extraordinarily dirty (inside and out) you potentially could be charged.

For example, if renting a car and heading to the beach it’s likely that you’ll get some sand in the car, a little won’t harm, but bring half a ton of beach sand back with you and you’ll likely get charged.

Equally, rent a car in rainy weather and use a few dirt roads that will leave the bodywork of the car quite soiled is generally unavoidable so you’re unlikely to be charged.

Tips to Avoid Car Hire Cleaning Fee

  • Empty the rented car the day before returning so you are able to clean any obvious marks / soil / sand etc
  • Dust out any sand from footwells / boot where possible
  • Wipe any obvious dirt / bird poo stains from bodywork / windows
  • Don’t park under trees if possible (bird poo)
  • Have your traveling companions remove as much sand as possible before getting in car
  • Becareful with food and drinks in the car
  • Consider having the hired car washed before returning

Can I put the hire car through an automated car wash?

Yes you can, however any damage caused would be your responsibility.

If you do need to get the car washed before you return it, we’d recommend a simple hand car wash and a quick vacuum should be more than enough – no need for a full detail.

If you think you could be charged because the car is excessively dirty doing this be significantly cheaper than the hire company cleaning fee.

What If I return my rental car really really dirty, inside and out?

Whilst this is often a subjective scenario, it is always recommended to take photos of the car inside and out for future reference if you are charged a cleaning fee and wish to dispute it.

It’s also useful should you cause any damage to a rental car as a record of what was damaged.

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