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What Are The General Car Rental Conditions That Apply In Sydney

What Are The General Car Rental Conditions That Apply In Sydney?

Anytime you arrive in a new city by air for either business or pleasure, you will make the most of your time if you’ve already prepared a rental car ahead of time.

Likewise, if you plan to take a road trip but don’t own your own vehicle (or you do but aren’t sure if it can handle the adventure) then renting is the perfect solution.

And if your vehicle ever breaks down, then a rental car can really save the day.

No matter your reason for renting a car, the process is going to be more or less the same.

The following guide will get you familiar with all the basics so you know what to expect in the event that you do want to rent – or need to rent – a vehicle in Sydney.

1) Age: It is often rumored that you cannot rent a car if you are under 25, but this is not necessarily always true. The minimum age is 18. Some rental car companies, however, will charge more for drivers under the age of 25 because they are statistically speaking more dangerous drivers.

As far as a maximum age limit, there is also no hard and fast rule for every situation, so if you are 70 years old or more it is likely best to consult with the specific rental agency and branch you intend to deal with.

2) Cost: There are generally two ways of dealing with the fuels costs. In some rental agreements, the fuel cost will be included in the rental rate and so it doesn’t matter how much fuel the tank has left when you return the vehicle.

In other agreements, the cost of petrol is left out of the picture and you simply agree to return the car with the same amount of fuel as it had when you picked it up (generally a full tank).

3) Drop-off: Dealing with a smaller car rental company in Sydney you will likely need to return the vehicle at the same location from which you picked it up. If you deal with a larger chain, however, there is usually an option for dropping the vehicle off at a different branch (for an additional fee, more than likely).

4) Other options: You will more than likely have some other options to consider in your rental agreement such as automatic toll payment, or for additional equipment like child car seats, winter tires, or ski racks. Ask your car hire company directly to see what additional options they offer.

5) Overseas trips: There are some additional things to consider if you are renting a car outside of your own country. Most importantly, whether your insurance will cover you for overseas rentals.

The age restrictions may be either more or less strict in your new destination, and generally speaking the rental regulations may be somewhat different than you expect. You may also have to pay for an International Driving Permit. You will enjoy your trip much more if you sort all this out before you leave.

6) Insurance: Typically there are four kinds of liability coverage included in car rental agreements: collision damage, personal accident insurance, liability protection, and personal effects coverage. All of these are considered as optional, additional protection, however, as your own auto insurance should provide you with some level of protection already.

Make sure before you start your trip that you look into what kind of coverage you already have, and what sort of additional coverage, if any, you should get in order to travel with peace of mind.

7) Repeat rentals: If you rent cars on a regular basis, for example if travel to new cities on a regular basis for work, then it is worth looking into loyalty programs or repeat customer discounts. There are some extra perks you can get for being a loyal customer, like free rental days or vehicle class upgrades, so if you are renting frequently you may as well take advantage of these benefits.

8) Before you phone or visit your rental agency in person, be aware that today’s rental companies are jumping on the digital revolution bandwagon, and many have developed sophisticated phone apps which make it very easy to get all the information you need and book your vehicle very conveniently and easily.

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