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Is It Still Possible To Hire A Car With Demerit Points On Your License?

For safety reasons, traffic rules are generally strictly enforced.

Most of the accidents that take place would have been easily prevented if all parties involved had adhered to all of the traffic laws and paid close attention to the road.

Going over the speed limit or driving even slightly carelessly, common as they are, actually put yourself and other motorists in great danger.

Violations like these are likely to have you pulled over by the police, and when this does happen you will most likely get fined as well as having a point added to your license for violating traffic regulations.

The extent of the fine and the number of points depends on the seriousness of the violation.

Getting stopped for drunk driving, for instance, will be much more sever than going 5 k over the speed limit.

The following is a list of the most common demerit point offenses in NSW:

  • Going above the speed limit: depending on how much you go over, 2 to 20 points
  • Not fastening your seatbelt: 11 points
  • Texting or talking on your phone while driving: 8 points
  • Not yielding to pedestrians at a crossing: 8 points
  • Going through a red light: 6 points
  • Going through a stop sign: 6 points

In any event, it is always important to stick to the traffic regulations when driving.

One offense on its own probably won’t do too much damage to your driving record, but if the offenses become a trend you could eventually lose your license.

But if you do already have a minor traffic offense or two on your license, you may wonder if and how that will affect you being able to hire a car.

Nobody wants a wrench thrown into their holiday plans at the last minute, so here are some guidelines about how demerit points on your license might impact your ability to hire a car.

Hiring a Car With Demerit Points

Generally a car hire company are fully aware that a lot of drivers do not have perfect driving records.

But if you still have an active license – despite having some demerit points – that you should not encounter any problems trying to hire a car.

If you are still concerned, however, the easiest solution will simply be to call the car rental company in advance and explain the situation with your license so they can give you a definite answer.

On the other hand, if you have been caught for a more serious offense, like driving without insurance or while drinking, you may have a harder time hiring a car because you may be seen as a threat by the hire car company.

However this is not always the case, and especially if several years have passed since the offense occurred and your driving record has been clean since that time, the you may still be able to hire a care without any problems arising.

If you are looking to hire a car in Sydney but are unsure about whether or not you will be able to, please call us today and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Please inform us about your driving record, especially whether or not you have been caught for any offenses in the past few months.

Even if you do, as long as they are not serious offenses, than you should still be able to hire a car from us without any trouble.

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