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What Are The Best Healthy Snacks For A Road Trip?

Road trips can be a great experience for people to look forward to during their holidays.


They can be a great way to break away from the demands of everyday life and get a change of scenery.

While some prefer to simply hit the road and see what happens, others actually relish the planning phase, and will start the process of putting together all the elements of their trip long before the day of the voyage itself.

One very smart thing to plan ahead about is your snacks: stocking healthy and affordable snacks can make your trip not only healthier and cheaper, but also save you time by cutting down on pit stops.

Here are some ideas for healthy snacks to consider below:


It won’t surprise anyone to see vegetables on a list of healthy snacks, but you’d be surprised how tasty some veggies can actually be when cooked or combined with dips. Here are a few ideas yo might want to add to your list:

Carrot sticks: carrots are one of the best snacks you can take along on your road trip. Carrot sticks are an easy and tasty snack to bring along with a sweet and refreshing taste that will help you to keep going.

You probably know already that carrots are one of the healthiest foods around, and have even been labelled as an ultimate health food, because they are so rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Stuffed tomatoes: many people won’t relish the idea of snacking on pure raw tomatoes, but if you have a little time to spare before your trip, you can stuff some cherry tomatoes with goat cheese, olive oil, and oregano to make a healthy and super delicious snack.


Fruit will definitely come next on the list of healthier snack ideas, since many are easy to eat on the go, contain a lot of water to help keep you hydrated, and are generally very good for you. Here are a few ideas for fruit snacks to pack for your trip:

Grapes or kiwi: a very easy to nibble on snack is to cut up some kiwi and put it in a zip-lock bag along with some grapes.

The grapes are good for your heart and also help to reduce blood sugar levels, and the kiwi is an excellent source of Vitamin A which also helps with digestion. And both, of course, are super tasty.

Tropical fruit parfait: if you’re looking for some yogurt with a twist, then you should give fruit parfaits a try.

The main ingredient in this mix will be fruit, and you can cut up basically anything you want to put into this: melon, kiwi, pineapple, mango, you name it.

The finishing touch will be the yogurt, and since you’ve already go real fruit in it, the plainer and less sweetened the healthier it will be.


Third up on our list of healthy and easy to pack snacks, nuts are another perfect road trip snack to keep you feeling full without pigging out on junk. Here are some ideas for different nuts you can bring along for variety:

Walnuts: walnuts, on top of being tasty, have very healthy mono-saturated fats as well as linoleic acid which is very good for your heart. It has even been recommended by some dietitians that everyone eat eight walnuts every day.

Peanuts: a classic snack that are tasty and easy to eat on top of being healthy.

In addition to having a lot of vitamin E, they are also full of healthy fats that are good for the brain, and are also high in folate which is an essential element in brain development.

One of the best things about nuts, in general, is that you don’t have to eat them with anything else, and most kinds of nuts work great as standalone snacks for both drivers and passengers.

Baked Goods

Other ideas – though not as purely healthy as those above, they can still be prepared with relatively healthy ingredients – for healthy snacks include baked goods like cookies or cakes.

If you have a sweet tooth but prefer to stay healthy, you can always sweeten your baked goods with healthier alternatives to refined sugar like honey. Here are a few ideas for this you can bake to bring on your trip:

Pumpkin pie energy bites: Sometimes, especially on longer road trips, you will want a boost of energy at some point.

One option is to put together some pumpkin pie energy bites made from pumpkin puree, quinoa flakes, cooking oats, ground cinnamon, and roasted almond butter.

Protein bars: rather than buying protein bars from the store, you can make them yourself very easily for a cheaper and healthier version.

You can do some research of your own to figure out what ingredients you want to use, but some of the more popular homemade varieties of energy bars include no-bake peanut butter bars (which are keto, vegan, or even sugar-free), or blueberry bliss breakfast bars.

Eating healthy snacks on your road trip will help you to feel better and more alert than if you fuel yourself on junk food picked up at road stops along the way.

On top of that, taking the time to prepare your snacks in advance can also save you a lot of money, as well as get you to your destination more quickly.

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