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A2B Car Rentals is a car rental company that gives fair and competitive rates and ensures we disclose all the required information to the client before we get into any business deal. It helps avoid any confusion that may crop up when doing business.

Car Rental Policy

Before hiring a car, the company clearly indicates everything that should be covered by the rental cost. The customer can access all the information they require; terms and conditions and any other addition.

If a damage was observed upon returning the vehicle, an invoice is sent to the customer. Rather than deducting the amount, which is an unethical way, from the credit card issued as security without informing the customer.

In an attempt to keep regular clients and attract more, A2B Car Rentals aims to be 100 percent honest with every deal. We strive to offer the best services to ensure our customers come back any time they are in need of car rental services.

Full-To-Empty or Full-To-Full Arrangements

The ‘no choice’ full-to-empty fuel policy where the customers pay in advance for a full tank of gas and return the car as near empty. This is quite an advantage to the customer who often pays double the price at the pump and does not get to use all the fuel.

There are car hire companies that give a full-to-full option and thought that this may increase the basic rental cost.

Car Insurance

A waiver is an agreement between the rental firm and the customer. The rental company can waive its right to charge the customer for any damages that occur after the renter returns the car. But then there is a possibility that customer may pay for the damages.

The automobile insurance will cover damages caused when cars collide, and not when a single-car is involved in an accident. Previously, both cases were covered once it was established that the driver was not driving carelessly.

A reputable car rental company grants an insurance cover:

– When the car is damaged while driving by striking a rock on a corner; and
– If the car slides on a slippery road and knocks a wall.

Normal car insurance coverage do not include tyre damages, wheels, hubcaps, wing-mirrors, the roof and undercarriage, clutch failure and haul costs if the car breaks down. This is applicable even if you had driven for merely a short distance.

Need A Broker?

Issues come about when bookings are made through car rental brokers who advertise below average rates on cost comparison websites. The broker only acts as a sales agent and is not a part of the contract between the client and the company. In case of a problem, brokers will not be of much assistance.

In case of any damage, the rental company subtracts the approximated amount from the deposit. Typically, there is a settled amount charged per scratch or defect. To be paid back, you must get the estimate of the amount used for repair from the supplier and tender a claim with the insurer in the normal way.

This is why consumers should directly deal with the well-respected car rental firm. It is important to mention that A2B Car Rentals does airport pick-ups and drop-offs for all your flights. Quality cars at discount car rental rates!

Want To Pay For An Upgrade?

Pick-up desks usually try to offer you an upgrade to a larger car. Agents are also known to convince you to upgrade, offering lame excuses like the boot cannot accommodate your stuff, etc. Credible rental companies do not ask nor charge clients for an upgrade if they cannot offer the car model you had booked.

Sydney’s Premier Car Hire Company

A2B Car Rentals is an Australian owned car rental company. It is Australia’s fastest growing car rental company. A2B Car Rentals is about providing reliable vehicles and providing quality customer service, at an affordable price.

Founded in 2005, A2B head office is located in Sydney, Australia. Keegan Pillay is the Chief Executive Officer. Awarded by Tourist Australia as the “Best Value Car Rental Company” for our competitive rates and excellence of service in Australia for the year 2005.

Our car rentals is bolstered by local expertise and low overheads which allows us to offer competitive car rental rates. Booking your car rental is fast, efficient and easy with us.

Come visit our website to find out an array of cars for rental to choose from for your need. Call us now 02 9689 3889!

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We Have The Right Rental Car & The Right Car Hire Deal For You!

A2B Car Rentals not only provides you with some of the cheapest car rental rates in Australia but also excels with the additional customer service not provided by other Sydney car hire companies.