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Car hire company businesses have become big businesses due to the surging numbers of forecourts found at the centres of big cities. Previously, car hire firms relied on the tourist market and businesses that occasionally hired or required fleet.

Resorts were the major beneficiaries of car hire business in accessing the tourist market. However, urban car hire firms are generating significant revenues from tourists due to its rising popularity.

At A Glance

– The market is growing because owning a car is increasingly becoming expensive;
– It’s more economical to hire than buy a car;
– Car hire business is comparatively simple to run;
– Its scope complements other services like insurance and petrol; and
– The car hire franchise is a good option worth considering.

In big cities, a majority of the people avoid expensive modes of transport like owning a car. As a result, they consider public transport a cheaper and convenient option for getting from one point to the other.

Car hire business is arguably simple to understand. Its main expenditures besides the property costs and the wages are the fleet of cars that are hired out and their corresponding maintenance cost.

Off- or on-airport

A2B Car Rentals has majored in providing reliable car hire and quality customer services at ridiculously affordable prices. We offer airport passenger pick up and drop off for all the day’s flights.

Here are some reminders on what you should do before contacting car hire companies.

1. Before Booking

– To get the best deal, make your booking as far ahead as you can.

– Understand the levels of theft protection excesses and car insurance the car you hire has. Take out zero-excess cover if they are high. You also have to make a comparison of the broker’s top up waiver with that of the independent excess reimbursement policy.

– Make sure the excess reimbursement policy you buy from a broker bears a similar name to that of the lead driver on the rental voucher. Otherwise, you risk missing out the payments.

– Shop around for extra drivers as the cost of hiring one greatly varies.

– Ensure your credit card can meet the requirements of hefty deposits. Debit cards are not allowed due to pre-authorisation requirements.

– Always declare the correct rental start time. Notify the rental office of a delayed flight to avoid cancellation of your reservation.

2. At The Desk Where You Hire The Car

– Only use a credit card whose name corresponds to that of the lead driver who is on the rental voucher to avoid double payments.

– Have an alternative credit card to use just in case the supplier declines your card because you did not take their insurance.

– Beware that your agent may suggest selling you another cover for the vehicle’s recovery if it breaks down, battery goes flat, gets locked out and require refueling when you decline a local car insurance top-up cover.

– Carefully read the contract while still within the rental company’s offices, especially on items marked as accepted or declined.

3. Before Driving Away

– Check the car’s fuel type as stated in the contact. Using the wrong fuel is considered negligence and can lead to the withdrawal of the car’s insurance cover.

– Inspect the car for any notable defects and ensure they are adequately documented in the contract.

– Open the boot and ensure it has all the required accessories that you may be liable in case of a loss.

– Take photographs of the vehicle (from all sides) before leaving with the car.

– Check if the clutch is burning out.

– Carry out the inspection of the car in the morning if it is too dark in the evening to inspect it for defects, and note the person you report these defects to.

4. In Case Of An Accident

– If you are involved in an accident with another vehicle, call the police. You also have to fill the legal forms as required by the law.

5. On Returning The Car

– Keep your receipts for the filling station where you fuelled the car on its final day. You also should try to have the car signed back.

– Take new photographs as evidence that the car was returned with no new defects or damages.

Sydney’s Premier Car Hire Company

A2B Car Rentals is an Australian owned car rental company. It is Australia’s fastest growing car rental company. A2B Car Rentals is about providing reliable vehicles and quality customer service, at an affordable price.

Keegan Pillay is the Chief Executive Officer of A2B Car Rentals. Founded in 2005, A2B head office is located in Sydney, Australia. In such a short time, we have already been recognised and awarded by Tourist Australia as the “Best Value Car Rental Company” for our competitive rates and excellence of service in Australia for the year 2005.

A2B Car Rentals is about providing reliable car hire and quality customer service at an affordable price. We do airport pick up and drop off from first flight to last flight.

Our company is bolstered by local expertise and low overheads which allows us to offer competitive car rental rates. Booking your car rental in Sydney is fast, efficient and easy with A2B Car Rentals.

Visit our website for your car rental needs and choose from an array of fleet we have for you. Contact us now 02 9689 3889!

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A2B Car Rentals not only provides you with some of the cheapest car rental rates in Australia but also excels with the additional customer service not provided by other Sydney car hire companies.